Drone surveys and inspections

We specialise in providing detailed aerial survey and inspection video and photography to building surveyors, property managers, facility managers and the general public. Our drone surveys of roofs, high level inspections, building surveys with drones are a fast and cost effective alternative to platform or scaffolding-based inspections.

Photo of coastal aerial view from drone

Cost effective aerial surveys

Drone images and video enable you to inspect, analyse and assess any work required, before committing to the expense of erecting scaffolding, hiring cranes or other access equipment - all without you having to worry about the HSE "Working at Height" health and safety regulations.

Drone inspections give excellent access to areas which might not otherwise be reachable and we can fly our drones close to the roof or building to get detailed aerial 4K video footage or 20 megapixel still aerial images. Using a real-time visual feed streamed to ground, your expert engineers can direct the flight team to investigate potential issues or anomalies while the drone is in flight. This ensures you get the shots you need to complete the aerial survey or inspection and identify any issues clearly and quickly.

Detailed video and still images

Once we provide you with the video and photo output of the survey, you'll be able to zoom in to inspect brickwork & stonework, roof tiles, roof valleys, lead work, lightning conductors, chimneys, roofline, guttering, weather vanes, soffits, gable-ends etc. all in 20Mpx resolution for detailed off-site analysis.

Versatile survey & inspection options

We can provide drone aerial survey and inspection services for almost any requirement:

  • Roofs
  • Chimneys
  • Towers
  • Churches
  • Aerials and masts
  • Wind-turbines blades
  • Solar farms
  • Residential buildings
  • Commercial and office buildings

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