Drone aerial video

Drones represent one of the most exciting developments in videography in the last five years or so. Drones give you unparalleled views which were previously only possible if you were rich enough to own a helicopter or light aircraft! The latest drones carry highly advanced cameras with the capability to capture video footage up to 4K resolution.

Advance drone technology

Today's drones have some really sophisticated technology on board that's revolutionised aerial videography. That technology means we can hover the drone in one spot with rock-steady stability so that it's almost like using an aerial tripod. That allows us to spend time on compositional adjustments to make sure we're able to capture the very best of the subject we're videoing.

Intelligent drone video modes

There are a huge number of options available to us when taking drone aerial video. On some of our drones we have the capability to use an intelligent tracking mode which allows us to mark and track a moving object and gives some stunning results. It can automatically identify and trace bikes, vehicles, people and animals. And there are three modes available:

  • Profile The drone locks on and follows the subject wherever they go
  • Spotlight Locks the camera on the subject while the drone flies in almost any direction
  • Circle Swings 360 degrees around the subject

Versatile video options

With the professional-quality video cameras on our drones we can provide you with high-quality video and photographs from the air for almost any requirement you might have:

  • Landscapes
  • Sporting events
  • Estate agency property marketing
  • Product promotions
  • Business marketing & promotions
  • Weddings, christenings, birthdays and other special events
  • Corporate events
  • Wildlife
  • Film and TV subjects

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