Our pricing

Type Service description Price*
Basic Half day drone hire with ultra-HD 4k video camera with one pilot £325
Basic Full day drone hire with ultra-HD 4k video camera with one pilot £495
Package 20x 20Mpx aerial photographs (incl. jpg & RAW files) plus basic editing £395
Package Full HD aerial video up to 5 min length, fully edited with music plus 20x 20Mpx photos £795
Package 360° aerial panorama of your property, web-ready with titles and your logo fr. £275
Package 3D Aerial Mapping and 3D model services fr. £795
Package Roof inspection including 10x 20Mpx aerial photographs fr. £195
Package Wedding aerial video and photography - aerial photographs plus video supplied as an add-on to your photographer for inclusion in their package fr. £595
Add-on 20x 20Mpx aerial photographs (incl. jpg & RAW files) in addition to above £95
Add-on 10 minutes aerial video footage unedited and in addition to above £145
Add-on Travel outside of 15 mile radius of Exeter £0.40/mile

* All prices are inclusive of VAT and are exclusive of any additional disbursements for additional permissions etc.

Terms and Conditions

Things to be aware of

  • All prices include £1m public liability insurance, drone and pilot hire and travel within 15 miles of Exeter.
  • We carry Permissions for Commercial Operations (PfCO) from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).
  • Remote pilot aerial drone photography and video is affected by the weather - that's particularly true in the U.K. We can't fly in winds gusting higher than 20mph or in rain - even light rain - due to the sensitivity of the drone's electrionics. So, there needs to be an element of flexibility in terms of scheduling of the work and we'd appreciate your understanding if we advise we can't fly on the scheduled date because of the elements conspiring against us.
  • So that we comply with the terms of our CAA permissions, we need to complete a pre-flight survey for every job. We try to make this desk-based but it could involve a physical site visit to confirm the environment. Facilitating any pre-planning site visit would be appreciated and will help us get a quote to you as quickly as possible.
  • Every job is unique and can be affected by any number of external influences. So we plan ahead to decrease the risk of any possible disruptions. But even the most thorough pre-flight survey can miss things and so we always complete an on-site survey on the day of the flight. If that throws up any hazards which might mean we can't fly or, we have to change the flight plan, then we'd appreciate your understanding.
  • Depending on location, additional permissions might be required before we can fly - for example near airports. If this is the case, we'll let you know any additional charges which we may pass on to you to cover applying for those permissions.

We need a few things from you

Because of the many Civil Aviation Authority rules & regulations governing the flying of drones, we need all our clients to...

  • Provide a brief containing as much background information as possible on what you want us to photograph and/or film.
  • Specify the exact location of the shoot (preferably postcode).
  • Tell us the proposed date(s).
  • Co-operate and support our staff in securing permission to fly at the location.
  • Support our staff in notifying any impacted neighbours about the drone flight and getting their sign-off if required.

Payment Terms

After we've had a full briefing of your requirements, completed our desk-based survey and you're happy with our quote, we need a 25% deposit to secure the dates. The balance is payable 14 days after delivery of the final product.


  • We retain full copyright to recorded footage, unless an arrangement to the contrary is agreed upon.
  • You'll have full use of all photography and filmed material for your own business promotion, media, print, marketing, advertising and website use.
  • You're not permitted to sell the material or allow general 3rd parties to use it with prior written agreement from us.
  • We reserve the right to use any video footage or photographic image for our own PR purposes, on our website, in a showreel, in printed material and on social media.
  • We also reserve the right to supply video footage and photographs to stock libraries at a later date.
  • However, we agree not use any video footage or photographs until you've published the material for the original intended purpose.

Cancellations and postponements

  • If the job cannot go ahead because of weather conditions, we'll reschedule to another date at no extra charge.
  • If we determine that there is unacceptable risk to property, animals or persons at the site which you could have made us aware of, then the flight may be rescheduled to another date and/or location as though it were a new job. 50% of the deposit paid for the original job will be refunded. If the job can't be rescheduled/reloacted, the original deposit won't be refunded.
  • We reserve the right to keep the full deposit paid following a cancellation by you.
  • If none of the above applies or are inappropriate, for example during a one off event, the flight may be cancelled and the deposit refunded in full.

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